Back from Borneo

It is always a major shock leaving the rainforest behind and joining “civilization” again. After spending a month as a sensory being – getting basically no other input than the sounds and shapes and textures and smells of nature – it is difficult to adjust to city life. The days – filled with shopping, checking e-mails and phone messages, washing dishes, mopping floors, moping around etc. – feel strangely empty and without any meaning. Instead of waking up to the unmistakenable calls of gibbons I wake up to the obnoxious sound of a leaf-blower. Instead of following an orangutan with her baby for hours I follow  depressing news stories from all around the world. Instead of getting exhausted but nonetheless uplifted after strenous walks in the forest I am getting exhausted and frustrated after waiting ten minutes in line at the supermarket. Instead of falling asleep to the sounds of a dozen different frogs I try – in vain – to block out the noise of the traffic under my window. Instead of feeling alive I am again filled with worries and anxieties. Of not doing enough, not being efficient enough – haven’t even unpacked or edited the pictures yet!

early morning call of the gibbons


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