Sutjeska National Park, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Since Sutjeska is home for another ancient forest (Perucica), we decided to swing by and check it out. Along the way we encountered some more beautiful canyons and gorges – this is truly the land of wild rivers.

Getting information about the park or the forest again provided some challenges. We even managed to miss the park somehow…we kept on driving, waiting for an entrance or something, an in the end we had to turn back and ask directions at a little caffee house. They directed us to the Hotel Mladost (which seems to be the only accomodation in the area) where finally a receptionist spoke enough Englisht to give us some info about the park. He  gave us a brochure and showed us some of his own pictures on his computer. No map, nothing. Perucica can only be visited with a guide, and the price was just too high for our limited budget.

There are quite a few warning signs for landmines alongside the road to make visitors think about twice where they step out to take a leak…

The receptionist, that we talk to about a certain hike, mentions the landmines kind of casually – “yeah, I would not leave the trail in that area”. To further drive the point home, somebody, who looks like a hotelmanager walkes by – and he is missing an arm.

Other reminders of the war (or maybe it’s just a local custom?) are the handmade little shrines and memorial sites that can be found even on the most remote places, alongside the road – some of them just a piece of paper nailed to a tree trunk, with a black-and-white photo and a few words, others are made of black marble and a lot more elaborate.

The scenery is beautiful – black pines emerging from the steep rocks, deep canyons, hills covered with forests…

morning view of the hillsAfter getting the directions we start driving up the mountain. Despite the fact that we are in a National Park, we encounter two, fully loaded trucks…

loads of logs are being carried out..

First stop is look-out point, from where you can see the Skakavac waterfall (if you really stick out your neck). From there it is still an hour driving (on a dirtroad) up to the top. But what we found there is breathtaking…

clouds over the mountaintops

Actually, what we first encounter is a serious-looking dog, guarding some sheeps…

we are being watched..The clouds are sitting on the top of the mountains, and as the sun sets, we have an incredible view over the park.

as the sun is setting..


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    Am intrested in trucks that two of you saw there. Can you PLEASE tell me some more abouth that on my mail.

    Thanks you

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